ID 501 Syllabus - Fall 2011 Entrepreneurship in Society Syllabus

ID 501 Syllabus - Fall 2011 Entrepreneurship in Society Syllabus

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Entrepreneurship in Society Fall 2011 Wednesdays from 2:30 - 4:45 pm Location: 1610 Engineering Hall 1415 Engineering Drive The University of Wisconsin – School of Human Ecology Department of Interdisciplinary Studies 501.1 3 credits Instructor: Jeanan Yasiri, M.Sc. Executive Director, UW Center for Nonprofits 608.335.2980 Teaching Assistant Katherine Sydor This course covers issues related to entrepreneurialism in multiple facets of our society. An emphasis on specific topics include: history and overview of entrepreneurship principles; entrepreneurialism within new and mature business settings; social entrepreneurialism and its contribution and impact; discussions with multi-disciplinary entrepreneurs; the relationship between humanities and entrepreneurialism; and how government programs consider entrepreneurialism. With a broad approach of ideas,
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2 readings, guest speakers, and lectures, students will understand the ever-changing role that entrepreneurs play and contribute to our society. The goals of this course are: 1. To increase the student’s knowledge of the way in which the historical, social, and cultural environment impacts the entrepreneurialism experience in our society; 2. To gain a better understanding of how entrepreneurialism is applied in many areas of work and life including: social, business, government and the arts and humanities context; 3. To increase the student’s knowledge on the work of entrepreneurs and proven practices in entrepreneurial thinkers; and 4. To increase the student’s ability to use this knowledge in a critical way to understand how these forces will continue to affect attempts to develop a more entrepreneurial society. Collaborative Support for This Course: This course is made possible with support of the UW Office of Corporate Relations and a grant provided through the Kauffman Foundation . The Kauffman Foundation advances educational interests committed to entrepreneurialism. A collaborative arrangement has been developed between the UW School of Human Ecology and the UW College of Engineering for this course. The College of Engineering is providing space and technology support for the course which allows us to capture all guest lectures on Mediasite technology and have these lectures and slides available via the web for future viewing by students and the general public. This will allow us to bring in fresh talent to subsequent courses while still having previous lessons available. Additionally, and in the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, Wisconsin Public Television will videotape the lectures and broadcast them on the University Channel in the months to come. The University Channel will be available to any viewer of Wisconsin Public Television across Wisconsin and beyond. In essence, this will provide a platform for our creating community value and opportunities for the general public to gain knowledge through these lectures as well. Readings:
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ID 501 Syllabus - Fall 2011 Entrepreneurship in Society Syllabus

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