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Andrea Morris Inter-HE 501 Wisconsin Idea Assignment Section A: 1.The person that I chose, that I feel is a great representation of the Wisconsin Idea is named Alex Goldstein. Not only was he a student at the University of Wisconsin, but also grew up in my hometown. Alex graduated from UW-Madison in 2011 already having over 2 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. In the fall of 2008, while entering his 2 nd year at UW, Alex along with a fellow badger created a company named “UW Trips” with the goal of providing UW student’s with affordable transportation to the University of Michigan for a badger football game, and to the University of Indiana for “Little 500” weekend. Following their success with these two weekend trips, the boys realized the potential that this business had. The following year they re-opened as “Badger Trips” and had plans not only to provide busses for badgers to other schools for away football games, but to expand and include hotels and party packages as well. These improvements proved to be a success and Alex decided he wasn’t ready to stop there. When the UW football teams victories landed them in the 2011 Rose Bowl, Badger Trips saw an amazing business opportunity. They charted 2 flights, and flew over 500 badger fans to Pasadena through a package that included round trip airfare, 3 nights in a hotel in downtown LA, transportation to and from the Rose Bowl, and an all you can eat and drink tailgate before the game. This trip, larger than any before, was an unbelievable success. Following graduation Alex was not quite
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ready to leave his business behind. Although he passed on the reins of Badger Trips to younger UW students, he took on an even bigger venture, “College Travel Experts”, overseeing the running of Badger Trips, as well as similar operations at 8 other college campuses across the country. 2. The Wisconsin Idea refers to students taking the things that they learn during their time at the University of Wisconsin and making sure that the impact of that knowledge is not confined to the boundaries of the university campus. To me, the Wisconsin Idea is not just about what you learn during your time at UW, but rather what you do with the knowledge that you gain. Alex, through his work with College Travel experts is taking knowledge in areas such as business, accounting, leadership, and many other areas, and applying it to his company, which is still running strong today. By taking notes from his successes and learning form his failures, Alex was able to expand on an idea that was fostered here at UW and has taken it to college campuses across the country, a great representation of the Wisconsin Idea. 3.
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The Wisconsin Idea - Andrea Morris Inter-HE 501 Wisconsin...

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