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Andrea Morris Inter-HE 501 Speaker Reviews Monty Schiro Monty Schiro is one of the founding partners with Food Fight Incorporated and a perfect example of an entrepreneur. Throughout his many years working in the food industry, he has had many successes as well as many failures, and all of these have helped him to get to where he is today. One very valuable piece of advice that Monty had to offer was in regard to starting out as an entrepreneur and the amount of work that a person really has to invest in their venture. He really stressed the fact that no one can start at the top, and that just as he did, all entrepreneurs worked from the ground up in reaching their goals. It all starts with love and passion for what you are doing, and succeeds with the input of time and commitment. As an entrepreneur one very important thing that comes into play is the idea of risk. At the start of Monty’s business venture he had more energy than money, and put what little money he had into his ideas. While some risks may be larger than others, there is always risk involved. When things go well that has to be taken into account, and when things don’t go as planned, people must be willing to make changes and improvements. When asked about the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make, Monty’s answer was very interesting. He said that they biggest mistake a person can make is thinking that they need to do everything on their own. From past experiences that I have had, I realize that it can sometimes be very hard to trust people with things that you are very passionate about. Because of this, I realize how trying to take everything on by yourself can cause a lot of problems. Finding people who you trust to help you may be very difficult, but is crucial in creating a successful business. As he also mentioned, if you find people with the same fire and passion to continue pushing you, is a recipe for success. One quote that I feel really applies to the idea of entrepreneurship as a whole is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” When asked whether he had ideas that had failed before he found success in Monty’s Blue Plate, he made it clear that with success come many failures, but that it is important to use these failures as inspiration rather than to let them hurt you. John Roach
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John Roach, president of JRP and distinguished video and film producer, traveled for nearly 30 years to make his business a success, and along the way learned many valuable lessons. One thing that he prefaced his presentation with was the idea that the majority of people will not go on to start their own business, but that most of us will one day work for a large company that was started by entrepreneurs. Because of this, he really stressed the importance of understanding the mindset of people who run small companies, and who can help people working at these large corporations. I thought that this put a really interesting spin on the idea of entrepreneurship that I had never really
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Speaker Reviews - Andrea Morris Inter-HE 501 Speaker...

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