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Essay questions Exam 2 Soc 170 2. Describe (1) The contagion process that the authors argue sustains residential segregation What is reserving and recreating racial segregation Reasons why people end up living in segregated areas White report being comfortable in majority white neighborhoods, and blacks more comfortable in integrated neighborhoods Why cant people move out of these communities- language barriers, limited ability for social mobility, cant afford to live in wealthier neighborhood, discrimination in work force, job opportunities limited Even in a world where people preferred to live in integrated neighborhoods, they will ultimately reside in segregated ones (2) The characteristics of families and the characteristics of neighborhoods that are needed for this process to occur. (Process= racial segregation) Characteristics of families o Many families wish to remain part of community and culture o Orthodox community- on Shabbat wont be in same environment, wont trust people to watch your kids, wont be invited to thing o When you move you have to start over and make new friends, get close to neighbors o Micro-economic idea- do you want to leave behind friends and family? o Consider how wealthy your family? Who will you be surrounded by? Characteristics of neighborhoods o What is the neighborhood like- want a good school system o Realtors show you certain neighborhoods because your black and some neighborhoods are all white- wont show you o Redlining discriminate against anyone when you are selling, leasing or lending- taking people to certain houses based on race, etc. o Community that doesn’t follow fair housing laws (3) What other “actors” (besides families and neighborhoods) have a role in this social process? Government- control development issues, create community when they place projects somewhere, because projects are there, surrounding areas will have lower property values, where they put highways, airports affects areas o Have the ability to affect property values Realtors- the houses that they choose to show you, against law, still occurs Education- better school systems will be in wealthier areas (4) Critique the audit process used to assess compliance with the Fair Housing Act Fair Housing Act- you cant discriminate and show different people different places, cant discuss characteristics of neighborhood like age, gender, race Mystery shoppers- people sent in to make sure that realtors comply Form of discrimination- what homes your shown, what are mortgage rates your offered, pushed out of neighborhoods where your not wanted
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3. Recent policy efforts aimed at tackling the obesity epidemic have considered two
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ESSAYS BITCH - Essay questions Exam 2 Soc 170 2. Describe...

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