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Andrea Morris Sociology 170 Extra Credit Writing Option The Population Bulletin that I read was about America’s Aging Population. It discusses the baby boomer population and notes that the population of people aged 65 and over in the United States, which is currently at 40 million, is projected to more than double by 2050. This concept of population aging, which we looked at in class, can have major consequences on a population and is becoming a global phenomenon. Some of the major strains that the baby boom generation is placing on the country involve local hospitals, public schools, postsecondary education systems, and the labor force. The bulletin also points out the importance of the fact that not only is it necessary to look at the number and share of elderly individuals, but also their characteristics such as health and disability status, living arrangements, kinship networks, and economic well-being. Two readings from class that are very relevant to this issue are Ronald D. Lee’s writing “Global Population Aging and its Economic Consequences,” and the portion of Sawhill and Monea’s writing in old news about the Intergenerational Contract. Lee explains the concept of population aging and discusses exactly what causes it to occur. Mainly, population aging is a result of a decrease in fertility as well as a decrease in
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Extra Credit - Andrea Morris Sociology 170 Extra Credit...

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