Hillel Study- Exam1

Hillel Study- Exam1 - Positive checks- people die,...

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Positive checks- people die, population decreases Preventative- try to decrease births Coale- ready, willing, and able - Fertility within conscious choice - People must have access to fertility control - Fertility imitation must be advantageous - R strategy- flies, high fertility, high mortality K strategy- humans, low fertility, low mortality What event likely explains the shape of the pyramid near circle 2 and 3- world war 2 Birth rate equations: Person years- people come in and out of risk in their lives- each person contributes a year to the denominator How long people have been studied: Ive been stidued for 25 years, lizzy for 15 that means they studied 40 years of people 100 million missing women critique- OTHER FACTORS Malthus essay: Critique- humans will always find a way, and we can use our intelligence to avoid positive checks like war and poverty Example is the industrial revolution- aloe us to produce food in mass quantities Because he includes preventative checks there is a role for forward thinking- people may
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Hillel Study- Exam1 - Positive checks- people die,...

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