Lecture 1 - 03:00 Howsthefamily? Wellitsdepends....

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03:00 How’s the family? Well its depends. . In deep trouble Many problems: Divorce, cohabitation, single parenthood, gay marriage, female labor  force participation Hanging in there Drastic change in the past, recent slow down (divorce) Just fine, thank you Marriage remains ideal of almost all, 90% marry eventually High fertility rates Much increased gender equality Family adapts successfully to a changing world Message The family is changing- it always has This course: factual investigation, not value judgement We will ask: How is the family changing? Why is the family changing? What consequences does this change have for individuals and for society? Discuss What defines a family? When would you call a group of people (2+) a family? Who needs to belong to the group and why? What groups would you not consider a family and why?
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Two definitions of the Family Private families
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Lecture 1 - 03:00 Howsthefamily? Wellitsdepends....

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