Lecture 2 - 03:00 Kinship: Kinshiporganizessociety

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03:00 Kinship: Kinship organizes society Who your  related to determines whom you have to assist and who will come to your aid Many different kinship systems throughout history and in the world today Many different ways to organize society Kinship terminology: a native lens on a society (including our own) Kinship Terminology Lineage: a group of people tied by descent (tied to inheritance) Patrilineal: descent traced through fathers line Matrilineal: descent traced through mothers line Bilineal: descent traced through both lines Locality: where newly formed families live Patrilocality: with the husbands family of origin Matrilocality: with the wife’s family of origin Neolocality: couple sets up a new independent household Note: patriarchy/matriarchy describe power, not kinship Conjugal household (nuclear family): kinship group comprised only of the husband, wife  and children
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Lecture 2 - 03:00 Kinship: Kinshiporganizessociety

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