Lecture 6 and 7 - 03:01 Objectivity Datacollection...

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03:01 Sociology of the Family Objectivity Scientific method- falsification Distinguish between how sociologists collect data and how they look at it Data collection Representative sample surveys Qualitative/observational studies, ethnography Analytic approaches Functionalism, exchange theory, symbolic interactionism, feminist perspective Date Collection Sample surveys Representative random samples are better than convenience samples Generalizable information Standardized questionnaires Qualitative/observational study, ethnography Small, select sample In-depth observation and interaction Detailed understanding Usually not representative
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Analytic Approaches Analytic approaches guide the questions we might ask of data They provide a lens through which we look at reality Different lenses highlight different aspects of reality The same data can usually be viewed through different lenses, but this doesn’t mean  that interpretations are arbitrary Bee example- how they see flowers Classical Approaches Functionalist approach How do given features of family structure and practices contribute to the functioning of  the society Focus on stability and cooperation Conflict theory How do give features of family structure and practices reflect power differentials and or 
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Lecture 6 and 7 - 03:01 Objectivity Datacollection...

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