Lecture 26 - 03:05 Welfare(19351996 SocialSecurityAct(1935...

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03:05 Welfare (1935-1996) Social Security Act (1935) Act primarily addressed at men Enshrines family wage system Forces women out of federal employment Creates AFDC- aid for families with dependent children Welfare Entitlement program No time limit on benefits First widows, later all poor families with children, in the end predominantly divorced,  never married women with children First no work requirement- supporting family wage system, breadwinner/homemaker  ideal- then gradually work requirements for recipients Aid for Poor Families Today Welfare reform 1996 PRWORA creates TANF to repleace AFDC Block grant Must work within two years of receipt- significant blow to breadwinner-homemaker  ideology Cause massive reduction in welfare roles, increase in labor force participation of poor  mothers, generally small increase in earnings 5 year limit on assistance- limits begin to take hold, recent stop-gap extensions
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Lecture 26 - 03:05 Welfare(19351996 SocialSecurityAct(1935...

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