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lab3peertopeer - Configuring a Peer-To-Peer network Launch...

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Configuring a Peer-To-Peer network Launch the XP+XP environment. When you first open the lab, WinXP-1 is selected. This corresponds to an XP computer named XP1. Log on with the password of: password You objective is to share My Pictures, so: 1. Double-click My Computer on the desktop. Windows Explorer opens. 2. Double-click Administrator’s Documents . The My Documents folder opens. 3. Click My Pictures . You will notice that File and folder tasks change in the left panel. In fact, one of the items is Share this folder . However, we will share the folder the old-fashioned way because it will be virtually the same as sharing a folder on Windows Server 2003. 4. Right-click My Pictures and click Sharing and Security . The My Pictures Properties dialog box opens. 5. Click the Share this folder option button. Notice that the Share name is the same as the folder. 6. Click Permissions . Notice that Everyone has full control. 7.
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