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Needing vs. Wanting — Do I really know the difference? Can you distinguish the things you need to accomplish your goals from the things you merely want? Fill in the table below and identify recent purchases of things you need versus things you want. Begin by listing the last 10 items you spent money on or purchased during the past week (for example, clothing, food, rent, gas, shoes, and CDs). Then, check whether the purchase reflects something you needed versus something you simply wanted, and could have lived without. Where did you purchase each item? Fill in the appropriate space. How much did each item cost? Specify below. Review your list. Be honest with yourself. Answer the following questions:
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Unformatted text preview: o Did you buy more things that you wanted or that you needed? o Did you spend more money on things that you wanted or that you needed? o Do you think that you are more likely to spend money on needs or wants? Why? o Where did you tend to purchase items on your list? Could you have gone to less expensive stores to buy those items? o Did you take time to consider whether you really needed these purchases beforehand, or did you buy on impulse? o Did you buy any of the items because you were with others who also were buying them? o How much of your spending was a function of “retail therapy”?...
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