What Are My Goals

What Are My Goals - (specify years or months) . 1b. I plan...

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What Are My Goals? Complete the following goal statements. Career Goal: I want to be a(n)_______________________________________________________________________________ (career choice) . I plan to achieve this goal by: (list what you need to do in order to have a career in the area you have chosen) : ______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________ Educational Goal: 1. I desire a ______________________________________________________________________________ (certificate, degree) . 1a. I plan to complete my program of study in ________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: (specify years or months) . 1b. I plan to make a certain GPA ( _____) during my program of study. 1c. I plan to ________________________________________________________________________________ _______ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________ (What else do you need to do to accomplish your educational goal? Write your own plan statement here.) Financial Goal: 2. I desire $_____________ monthly income once I complete my educational goal. 2a. I plan to limit my educational debt to $ ___________ (dollar amount estimate for now is fine) . 2b. I plan to spend $ __________ per month while I am completing my educational goal. 2c. I plan to save $ __________ per month while completing my educational goal....
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