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Network+ Guide to Networks, 4 th Edition Solutions 11 - 1 Network+ Guide to Networks, 4 th Edition Chapter 11 Solutions Review Questions 1. Suppose a large corporation has leased an entire Class A network range of IP addresses, which offers over 16 million potential host addresses. However, the company has only 20,000 nodes on its global network. How could this company benefit from subnetting? d. Subnetting would enable the company to subdivide the network into distinct logical parts, thus simplifying traffic and address management. 2. Convert the following subnet mask into its dotted-decimal equivalent: 11111111 11111111 11111000 00000000. a. 3. What is the default subnet mask for a Class A network? d. 4. A node on a network has an IP address of and its subnet mask is 255. 248.0.0. What type of subnetting has been used on this network? c. supernetting 5. On a network with an IP address of (or 10001100 10000101 00011100 01001000) and a subnet mask of (or 11111111 11111000 00000000 00000000), what is the network ID? a. (or 10001100 10000000 00000000 00000000) 6. As a networking consultant, you’ve been asked to help expand a client’s TCP/IP network. The network administrator tells you that the network ID is subnetted as On this network, how many bits of each IP address are devoted to host information? b. 6 7. If you worked on an older network that could not interpret classless addressing, and your network ID was, what is the theoretical maximum number of different subnets you could create on this network? d. 254 8. You have decided to create 254 subnets on your Class B network. What subnet mask will you use to accomplish this? a.
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Network+ Guide to Networks, 4 th Edition Solutions 11 - 2 9. If you subdivide your Class B network into 254 subnets, what is the maximum number of hosts you can assign to any single subnet? b. 254 10. Your company has leased a Class C network whose network ID is You want to create 16 subnets within this network. One of the subnets will have an extended network prefix of What will be the broadcast address for this subnet? Hint: If you know the number of hosts per subnet, you can easily determine the broadcast address.) d. 11. Your workstation’s IP address is and your supervisor’s workstation’s IP address is When you send data from your workstation to your supervisor’s workstation, what is the most likely IP address of the first default gateway that will accept and interpret your transmission? b.
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Ch11 - Network+ Guide to Networks, 4th Edition Solutions 11...

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