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Ch14 - Network Guide to Networks 4th Edition Solutions 14 1...

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Network+ Guide to Networks, 4 th Edition Solutions 14 - 1 Network+ Guide to Networks, 4 th Edition Chapter 14 Solutions Review Questions 1. A hacker posing as a package delivery service employee walks into your company’s offices and convinces the receptionist to let him into the computer room, where he claims a package is waiting for his pickup. What security-threatening strategy is the hacker attempting? a. social engineering 2. You work for a retailer that sells household goods online. The company has decided to redesign its network for better security. Included in this redesign is the addition of a new firewall. Assuming the firewall is placed between the Internet connection and the Web server, which of the following should be included in the firewall’s configuration so that customers can still reach the Web site? c. Allow incoming TCP-based transmissions to port 80. 3. Which two of the following would typically be used for authenticating via a network operating system? b. user name e. password 4. Which of the following is the most secure password? c. !t1z0GS557x^^L 5. If you upgrade a 24-port hub that serves one of your organization’s workgroups to a 24-port switch for better performance, how have you also improved security? d. You have prevented the possibility of one client eavesdropping on the transmissions issued by another client connected to the switch. 6. You are alerted that suddenly 100% of the resources on your two core routers are being used and no legitimate traffic can travel into or out of your network. What kind of security attack are you most likely experiencing? a. denial-of-service 7. What type of device guards against an attack in which a hacker modifies the IP source address in the packets she’s issuing so that the transmission appears to belong to your network? b. proxy server 8. Which of the following devices can improve performance for certain applications, in addition to enhancing network security? b. proxy server
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Network+ Guide to Networks, 4 th Edition Solutions 14 - 2 9. What’s the best response to a denial-of-service attack on a server? a. Shut down the victimized devices and replace them with hot spares. 10. A hacker has modified the name server records on your ISP’s network so that all requests for your corporation’s home page are redirected to the hacker’s home computer. What type of attack has the hacker executed? b. DNS spoofing 11. Which of the following encryption methods provides the best security for data traveling over VPN connections? c. IPSec 12. Which of the following contributes to a network’s physical security? a. closed-circuit TV 13. Which of the following network operating system logon restrictions is most likely to stop a hacker who is attempting to discover someone’s password through a brute force or dictionary attack?
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