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My records show that you will be a student in my CHEM 111 course in the fall. Because I would like to ensure that you have the background needed to succeed in this course, I am sending you information about some of the requirements. 1. Are you repeating Chem 111? If you passed the lab previously, contact Mrs. Knopp ( [email protected] ) to transfer to a section in which there is no laboratory but a requirement to spend 2 hr per week doing assigned homework with a teaching assistant present to help. 2. Mathematics prerequisite or co-requisite. You must either: be enrolled in Math 111 or Math 115 or completed Math 111, 115 or higher course or placed into a higher level Math course. Math is the language of Chemistry. 3. Basic Math Skills and Chemistry. START NOW! Due Sunday August 22 . You will be using the ALEKS system throughout the semester for your homework. ALEKS can be used wherever you have internet access. ALEKS access for the semester will cost $40 and we will
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This note was uploaded on 02/20/2012 for the course CHEM 111 taught by Professor Dukes during the Fall '08 term at South Carolina.

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