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How to identify resonance structures. Introduction: Resonance structures are multiple Lewis Structures that collectively describe a single molecule. Resonance structures are necessary to describe molecules that contain fractional bonds and fractional charges. This is much more common than one might expect as most covalent bonds have some ionic character and so are less than a full covalent bond (bond order < 1.0). Resonance structures are different depictions of the same molecule , similar to the relationship between a front and proFle picture of the same person. Resonance structures do not "resonate" or ±ip back and forth as the name implies. How to: Because resonance structures are the same molecules, they must have: 1) The same molecular formulas. 2) The same total number of electrons (same overall charge). 3) The same atoms connected together. Although, they can differ in whether the connections are single, double or triple bonds. Examples: H N H H H H N H H H These are not resonance structures because they have different atomic connectivity (rule 3). The H + on the structure on the left is not connected to any other atom. Whereas in the structure on the right, all the H's are connected to the nitrogen. C O H H H C O H H H These are resonance structures because they fulFll all three rules. Even though the C and O are connected by a single bond in one structure and a double bond in the other, they are still connected to each other in both structures. C
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1.8Resonance%20structures - How to identify resonance...

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