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Lecture 19 Free jazz

Lecture 19 Free jazz - modal period continued experiments...

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Lecture 19 Free jazz, Coltrane Free jazz Ornette Coleman Appeared at 5 spot in NY Created an uproar-riot-like Album  The Shape of Jazz to Come Did away with preset chord changes, scales, modes forms Imrov was spontaneous –went with the moment Played tunes but then departed from them Sound effects- squeaks, squawks Don Cherry -tpt Charlie Hayden - bs Billy Higgins  – dr John Coltrane 3 periods-chord changes, modal, free early period- infatuated with complex chords and progressions played extremely fast- sheets of sound
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Unformatted text preview: modal period- continued experiments from Kind of Blue My Favorite Things – freer jazz Eastern influence- static, hypnotic, drone Soprano sax Modal treatment-new- freer Radical departure from bebop McCoy Tyner- pno – rich full chords, ringing octaves in RH Elvin Jones-dr – polyrhythms and meters Steve Davis- bs – drone on bass Later-Jimmy Garrison on bass to form the Classic Coltrane Qt. A Love Supreme-spiritual influence Last period- Free jazz- Spiritual- nothing preset...
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