Lecture 17 Hard Bop

Lecture 17 Hard Bop - Clifford Brown-tpt – best hard bop...

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  Lecture 17 Hard Bop Hard Bop Evolved from bebop Partly an attempt to return to the Black American roots of jazz Emphasized different elements from cool jazz More intense, louder, more aggressive. More rhythm  section interaction More original tunes – not all from pop songs, emphasized minor keys and minor  blues Jazz Messengers  one of first hard bop groups Horace Silver -pno Funky style- from gospel music and other Black American styles aggressive comping- catching melodies Art Blakey - dr- typified hard bop aggressive drumming Horace Silver Quintet The Preacher  – from gospel music Written by Silver Kenny Durham- tpt Hank Mobley- Ten sax Blakey- dr Max Roach-Clifford Brown Quintet
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Unformatted text preview: Clifford Brown-tpt – best hard bop tpt- full sound- developed patterns into longer lines Sonny Rollins – ten sax- motivic and thematic development, rubato-like phrasing, changed sound Sonny Rollins’ Album - Saxophone Colossus With Brown and Roach Pent-up House Miles Davis 1950s Quintet- “Classic Quintet” John Coltrane- Ten sax, Red Garland- pno, Paul Chambers-bs, Philly Joe Jones-dr Second great rhy sec in jazz history Contrast of styles- Miles-space, lean, lyrical Coltrane –aggressive- “Sheets of Sound”-opposite of Miles, many notes Garland- light, swinging If I Were a Bell – not on cd...
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Lecture 17 Hard Bop - Clifford Brown-tpt – best hard bop...

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