Lecture 15 BEBOP PIANISTS - musicians around him did swing...

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Lecture 15 BEBOP PIANISTS Bud Powell - best and most influential bebop pianist Influence of Tatum and Charlie Parker Emotional problems Played like Parker on the piano Shell voicings for chords- ambiguous- leave more leeway for chord substitution A Night in Tunisia - from Massey Hall Written by Dizzy Gillespie Latin Jazz- Afro-Cuban Dizzy- pioneered Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz All star band- Parker, Dizzy, Powell, Roach, Charlie Mingus on bass Thelonious Monk One of the inventors of bebop but did not really play like a bebopper Emotional problems Developed a unique style on the piano Spare, lean stark, dissonant, did not really swing but the
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Unformatted text preview: musicians around him did swing Simulated bending of notes, whole-tone scale Often does not comp- sometimes plays nothing behind soloist or melodic ideas 3 rd great composer in jazz history wrote true compositions- not just tunes usually based on 1 or 2 ideas motivic development, combines ideas like classical composer Misterioso Based on one idea- walking 6ths Blues Expands the 6 th idea to a 7 th in his accompaniment to Milt Jackson’s solo Monk’s solo- disjunct- unusual for jazz- seems like random ideas- but really are connected- bens notes, whole-tone scales...
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