Lecture 14 Bebop-Parker

Lecture 14 Bebop-Parker - random comping of chords by...

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Lecture 14 Bebop- Bebop- began at Minton’s Playhouse in NY Founding fathers of bebop- Dizzy Gillespie-Tpt, Thelonious Monk-Pno, Kenny Clarke- dr. Revolution- reaction against commercial aspects of Swing More advanced harmonic and rhythmic approach Tempos- faster for fast tunes and slower for slow tunes Groups- smaller- 3- 6 player- classic bebop quintet Rhythm section- roles changed from Swing No guitar Drums- freer-keeps time on ride cymbal, hi-hat on 2 and 4, random accents with other drums –dropping bombs Bass- keeps pulse- more aggressive than Swing Piano- always comps- no more keeping pulse as in earlier jazz Horn section- usually tpt and sax No real arrangements- same procedure for most tunes Unison head- solos- unison head Harmony- more use of upper chord tone to construct melodies- 9ths, 11ths and  13ths Rhythm- uneven phrase lengths, uneven accents with lines- different from swing  which had more evenness of phases and accents More layering of rhythms in rhythm section- random accents by drummer and 
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Unformatted text preview: random comping of chords by pianist Bebop material- blues, pop songs or original tune Original tunes usually based on chord changes of a standard pop song I Got Rhythm by Gershwin- most often used-Rhythm Changes Shaw Nuff- Charlie Parker-alto sax and Dizzy Gillespie- tpt-rhythm changes Charlie Parker- Bird Greatest figure most influential figure in bebop Abusive life style heroin, alcohol, sociopathic personality True genius Wealth of ideas poured from his alto sax Hesitations- series of short phrases followed by long stream of fast notes KoKo- based on Chord changes to Cherokee Much imitated solo Max Roach-dr and Curley Russell- bs- best bebop rhy sec Embraceable You- motive- motivic development Develops motive like a classical composer Highly acclaimed solo Parkers Mood- Blues- mixes traditional blues licks with bebop lines John Lewis on Piano...
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Lecture 14 Bebop-Parker - random comping of chords by...

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