Lecture 13 Sinatra-Ella

Lecture 13 Sinatra-Ella - for first time pop music is...

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Lecture 13 Sinatra, Fitzgerald, Tatum, Frank Sinatra- first superstar in pop music history Began with Harry James’ Band in 1939 Went with Tommy Dorsey in 1940 Influences Bing Crosby- influenced every male singer Tommy Dorsey- long legato lines without taking a breath Billie Holiday- attention to lyrics and subtle vocal phrasing Microphone- first singer to take full advantage of the microphone- made it an extension of his voice- manipulated the mic I’ll Be Seeing You - with Dorsey Band 1940 – new style in 1950s- bolder, more swinging- represents full flowering of the Swing style first to conceive of record album as a self contained musical and artistic statement –invented concept album- common theme and mood – either all up tempo or ballads
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Unformatted text preview: for first time pop music is thought of as art combine great songs, arrangers, and production along with singer Ive Got Under My Skin-by Cole Porter , arranged by Nelson Riddle Ella Fitzgerald- comes out of swing era Sang with Chick Webb Great natural voice- contrasted to Billie Holiday Scat singer They Cant Take That Away From Me- by George and Ira Gershwin Sung with Louis Armstrong Art Tatum virtuoso pianist- astounding technique Transitional figure between Swing and Bebop Essentially a Swing player- but in a category by himself 2 contributions to Bebop- technique and harmony advanced the harmonic language of jazz- reharmonization fast run in both hands Willow Weep for Me...
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