lecture 12 ellinton, miller, holiday

lecture 12 ellinton, miller, holiday - Juan Tizol valve tbn...

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Lecture 12 DUKE ELLINGTON, GLENN MILLER, BILLIE HOLIDAY Duke Ellington Pre swing- Cotton Club- Jungle Music- exotic sounds, mutes Duke’s instrument- his band Painter Tone color- chief interest- blended tone colors like a painter Scoring across sections Wrote for specific players Early band- Joe Nanton and Bubber Miley - plunger mutes Sidemen- longevity and loyalty Mutual respect and influence Swing period- original concept- in a category by itself Important sidemen Cootie Williams- tpt Johnny Hodges – alto sax Ben Webster- tenor sax Harry Carney – Baritone Sax Jimmy Blanton- bass Versatile composer Pop songs, suites, films, Sacred Music In a Mellow Tone - 1940 - Cootie Williams- tpt- plunger mute - Johnny Hodges – alto sax Theme- features C+R- also in tpt solo Koko - 1940 most unique and celebrated recording of this period
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Unformatted text preview: Juan Tizol- valve tbn, Joe Nanton-tbn, Jimmy Blanton, Harry Carney Variations on one C+R pattern Minor blues Cotton Tail- 1940 Advanced swing style- anticipates bebop Features Ben Webster-ten sx Sax soli section - harmonized bebop-like line for all saxes Swing vocal music Glenn Miller- most popular band during WWII Commercial side of swing The Modernaires, Tex Benekie, Marrion Hutton I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo Billie Holiday- greatest jazz singer after Armstrong Lyrics- most important part of a song Like an actress Communicated the meaning of the words Changed notes and rhythms Subtle phrasing came from lyrics Influence on singers and instrumentalists Phrasing- most important contribution All of Me- 1937 features Lester Young- mutual influence on each other...
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  • Spring '11
  • Mr.Valerio
  • Duke Ellington, Cootie Williams, Jimmy Blanton, Cootie Williams- tpt, Webster- tenor sax, Miley- plunger mutes

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lecture 12 ellinton, miller, holiday - Juan Tizol valve tbn...

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