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BIX BEIDERBECKE 1903-1931 Played Cornet - Louis Armstrong’s favorite cornet player First Great COOL Jazz Musician First Great White Jazz Musician Important for advancing the HARMONIC LANGUAGE in Jazz Typified the ”JAZZ AGE” of the ROARING TWENTIES Abusive lifestyle led to early death- severe drinking problem Frustration - unable to read or write music -unable to communicate all of his ideas Played with Paul Whiteman- most famous commercial band of the 1920s featured some jazz - Whiteman called himself as ‘King of Jazz’ Movie based on his life - ‘Young Man With A Horn’ - with Kirk Douglas COOL PLAYERS MID-LOW REGISTER LITTLE VIBRATO LAID-BACK PHRASING HOT PLAYERS MID-HIGH REGISTER MUCH VIBRATO AGGRESSIVE PHRASING CHICAGO STYLE Outgrowth of New Orleans Style More solos - less collective improvisation More relaxed Smoother Guitar instead of Banjo Sometimes hard to distinguish from NO style Saxophone EARLY JAZZ - includes New Orleans and Chicago styles
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ADVANCED HARMONY Influenced by 20th Century Classical Composers
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