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LECTURE 8 Bix Beiderbecke Cool player- contrast to Armstrong-hot- why ? advanced jazz harmony – greatest contribution inspired by 20th C classical music- Debussy and Ravel Frankie Trumbauer - C melody sax- also cool Chicago style- outgrowth of NO styles Stride piano - Harlem piano school- Eastern Ragtime outgrowth from rag-like Jelly Roll contrast to rag- faster, more complex harmony, improv, swing, blues, call and response James P Johnson - father of stride piano cross rhythms all characteristics above
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Unformatted text preview: Carolina Shout Fats Waller lighter touch- going toward swing piano Handful of keys pop song composer History of Recording and radio Edison-phonograph-cylanders1877 Berliner-flat disc-1887 Enrico Caruso-records in 1903- starts the mass marketing of records acoustical process pre 1925 electrical process post 1925 radio commercial radio evolves during 1920s remote broadcasts from hotel ball rooms Al Jarvis- first dj-1932 1 st to play records on radio...
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