JAZZ LECTURE 6 NO jazz - drums plays the pulse on all 4...

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HISTORY OF JAZZ AND POP LECTURE 6 City blues - also urban, classic blues Sung by a woman accompanied by a small band or piano Bessie Smith – best and most famous city blues singer Lost Your Head Blues JAZZ birth of jazz – New Orleans around 1900 from blues, ragtime. march invented by Black Americans blends African and European musical elements- like ragtime and blues New Orleans Jazz= Dixieland why and when jazz began in NO creoles of color brought European influence to Black musicians segregation laws Storyville Jelly Roll Morton first great jazz pianist and composer/arranger combined blues and ragtime to create jazz jazz piano based on ragtime model Maple Leaf Rag- compare to Joplin's version Morton- swing, improv, looser New Orleans bands roles and functions of sections and instruments rhythm section - provides pulse and harmony
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Unformatted text preview: drums- plays the pulse- on all 4 beats per measure banjo- plays chords on all 4 beats piano – plays bass notes on beats 1 and 3 and chords on 2 and 4 most of the time tuba -plays bass note on beats 1 and 3 mostly and sometimes fills other beats front line- provide melodic material free polyphony (polyphonic) –collective improvisation trumpet or cornet –plays main melodic material , clarinet – plays lines faster and above and below tpt or cor trombone – plays slower and lower lines than tpt or cor- outlines harmony or plays bass lines ocaasionally King Oliver and his Creole Jazz Band Dippermouth Blues Wa-wa or plunger mute- vocal-like quality of a blues singer Stop time- rhy sec leaves out one or more beats in a measure King Oliver’s solo- one of the first great solos in jazz...
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JAZZ LECTURE 6 NO jazz - drums plays the pulse on all 4...

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