Effects of CMC on Interpersonal Communication and Relational Development

Effects of CMC on Interpersonal Communication and Relational Development

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Effects of CMC on Interpersonal Communication and Relational Development In today’s society, quick and efficient communication is what we strive for. In a fast-paced world, we are always looking for the next advance in technology that can bring us closer to others. Although I may be biased from growing up in the technology generation, I feel there are more pros than cons when it comes to effects of computer- mediated communication (CMC) on interpersonal communication and relational development. I find it easy to keep in contact with family and friends at other schools through the use of phones and computers. FaceTime and Skype have made communication effortless because you are able to interact with another person face-to-face, even though you are many miles apart. Texting is one of the technologies I use the most. My favorite feature is emoticons; I love sending them to express what kind of mood I’m in or to support what I’m saying to put it into the correct context. Text messaging allows a person to respond later if they are busy, which is great for connecting with friends when we are in different time zones or on opposite schedules. In addition, I find it beneficial to connect with others through email, whether its setting up a time to meet with a group, forwarding a resume for someone to look at, or communicating with coworkers, it is efficient and reliable. CMC permits people to connect with more people in a shorter amount of time. Social networking sites (SNS) such as FaceBook at Twitter have allowed me to keep in touch with friends from high school that I’m not as close with anymore. I am able to look at pictures of their adventures abroad or what they are up to at school. “SNS are
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mainly used for the maintenance of social relationships, especially for upholding contact with weaker ties” (Utz and Beukeboom, p. 512). Professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn also offer huge benefits as I’m learning now during my search for a job after graduation. I have been able to connect with past and current employers, coworkers, and classmates. Being able to upload a resume to LinkedIn and showcase yourself for company recruiters has become an incredible asset. LinkedIn can filter jobs that I may be interested in, and organizations have the opportunity to seek me out and express their interest. Although most aspects of CMC are optimistic, there are also some definite cons.
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Effects of CMC on Interpersonal Communication and Relational Development

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