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Anxiety Lecture_jm_fall09_class


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Unformatted text preview: ve harmless obsession Certain types of compulsive behavior required for certain jobs Does it interfere with functioning at home/work? Interpretations and Interpretations and Treatment Paradigms Biological Paradigm: Why are some people anxious? Anxiety is modestly heritable ~ 25% concordance rates in MZ twins for all disorders Environmental effects unique to individuals Neuroanatomy – 2 pathways Thalamus to amygdala to hypothalamus Thalamus to visual cortex Biological Paradigm: Treatment 50 Million prescriptions per year for anxiety­related problems Tranquilizers, usually benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax), most commonly prescribed Side effects Use of antidepressants Psychodynamic Paradigm: Why are some people anxious? Intrapsychic events and unconscious motivations Beliefs specific to phobias Beliefs specific to OCD Psychodynamic Paradigm: Treatment Uncover roots of maladaptive behavior by gaining insight into its origins Treat the symptoms or treat the cause? Cognitive Perspective: Why are some people anxious? Irrational appraisals of the feared situations Emphasis on ways in which certain thoughts...
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