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Unformatted text preview: The 1905 Russian Revolution Ms . S us an M. Po je r Ms Ho rac e Gre e le y HS Chappaqua, NY Nic ho las II: The Las t Ro mano v Ts ar Ro [r. 1894-1917] The Ts ar & His Family The He mo philia & the Ts are vic h He Nic ho las II & His Unc le , Ge o rg e V Ge Causes Causes 1 . Early 20 c : 20 Rus s ian S o c ial Hie rarc hy Hie 2 . Firs t S tag e s o f Indus trializatio n Indus An Early Russian Factory 3. We ak Ec o no my 3. 1905 Russian Rubles 4 . Exte ns ive Fo re ig n Inve s tme nts & Influe nc e Inve Building the Trans­Siberian RR [Economic benefits only in a few regions.] 5 . Rus s o -Japane s e War [1904[19041905] The “Yellow Peril” Rus s o -Japane s e War [1904[19041905] Rus s o -Japane s e War [1904[19041905] Rus s ian & Japane s e S o ldie rs Rus s ia Is Humiliate d Rus Tre aty o f Po rts mo uth [NH] 1905 1 905 President Theodore Roosevelt Acts as the Peacemaker [He gets the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.] 6 . Unre s t Amo ng the P e as ants & Urban Wo rking Po o r Po Father Georgi Gapon: Leader of the People OR Police Informer? Blo o dy S unday B lo January 22, 1905 The Czar’s Winter Palace in St. Petersburg The Re vo lutio n S pre ads Rus s ian Co s s ac ks S laug hte r The Pe o ple in Ode s s a Ode Anti­Jewish Attacks 7. The Battle s hip P o te m kin 7. Mutiny [June , 1905] [June Results Results 1 . The Ts ar’s O c to b e r Manife s to Manife October 30, 1905 2 . The Ope ning o f the Dum a : Dum Po s s ible Re fo rms ? 1906 The first two tries were too radical. The third duma was elected by the richest people in Russia in 1907. The Rus s ian Co ns titutio n o f 1906 Laws 1 906 Known as the Fundamental [April 23, 1906]. The autocracy of the Russian Tsar was declared. The Tsar was supreme over the law, the church, and the Duma. It confirmed the basic human rights granted by the October Manifesto, BUT made them subordinate to the supremacy of the law. 3 . Je wis h Re fug e e s Co me to Ame ric a in 1906 to 4 . The Path to O c to b e r, 1917 1 917 Why did the 1905 Re vo lutio n Fail? Fail? ...
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