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Unformatted text preview: El Escorial – 26 miles NW of Madrid The Escorial The The Town of Escorial The [30 km. Northeast of Madrid] El Escorial -Background Background ( El Escorial was begun in 1563 by Juan Bautista de Toledo, a by Juan Renaissance Spanish architect who had worked earlier in Italy, and was completed after his death in 1567 by Juan de Herrera. 1567 Juan El Escorial Statistics El ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 15 cloisters 16 courts 14 entrance halls 13 oratory 300 cells 86 stairways 9 towers 9 pipe organs 232 chorus books 73 statues More than 1,600 scenes 11 cisterns 88 fountains 2,673 windows 1,200 doors The Monastery of San Lorenzo Lorenzo The Escorial Palace The ( A Section of the Monastery Monastery & Gardens one of the largest religious establishment s in the world. The Monastery Gardens: Close-Up Close-Up The View of the Countryside from the Monastery Area Monastery Philip II [r. 1556 – 1598] Philip Philip II & “Bloody” Mary Tudor Tudor The Library Inside the Monastery ( 4,700 manuscripts [many illuminated]. ( 40,000 printed books. Philip II’s Chapel Philip Stairwell Inside the Escorial Escorial Ceiling Inside the Escorial Escorial A Main Corredor Inside the Escorial Escorial The Escorial’s Library Library ( Over 4,700 rare Over manuscripts. manuscripts. ( Many illuminated Many manuscripts. manuscripts. ( Over 45,000 Over books. books. Philip II Died in this Bed Philip The Crypt Area The The Crypt of Philip II The ...
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  • Fall '08
  • Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, Philip II of Spain, El Escorial, Juan de Herrera, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Philip III of Spain

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