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Unformatted text preview: By: Susan M. Pojer By: Horace Greeley H. S. Chappaqua, NY The “Thermidorian Reaction” T he “Thermidorian Reaction” V Curtailed the power of the Committee for Public Safety. V Closed the Jacobin Clubs. V Churches were reopened. 1795 freedom of worship for all cults was granted. V Economic restrictions were lifted in favor of laissez­ faire policies. V August, 1795 a new Constitution is written more conservative republicanism. Characteristics of the Directory C haracteristics of the Directory V The Paris Commune was outlawed. V The Law of 22 Prairial was revoked. V People involved in the original Terror were now attacked “White” Terror V Inflation continues. V Rule by rich bourgeois liberals. V Self­indulgence frivolous culture; salons return; wild fashions. V Political corruption. V Revival of Catholicism. The Government Structure of the T he Government Structure of the New Directory V 5­man executive committee or oligarchy [to avoid a oligarchy [to avoid a dictatorship]. V Tried to avoid the dangers of a one­house legislature. Council of 500 initiates legislation. Council of Elders [250 members] married or widowed males over 40 years of age. o They accepted or rejected the legislation. Both houses elected by electors who owned or rented property worth 100­200 days’ labor [limited to 30,000 voters]. The electors were elected by all males over 21 who were taxpayers. Political Instability: 1795­1796 P olitical Instability: April, 1795 Inflation; bread riots. May 20, 1795 Revolt of Prairial [Year III] October, 1795 : Vendée and Brittany revolted. Military suppressed them. May, 1796 First “communist” revolt Gracchus Babeuf and and the Conspiracy of Equals” 18 Brumaire (Nov. 9, 1799) 1 8 Brumaire Coup d’état by Napoleon. Approved by a plebiscite in December. Abbe Sieyès: Confidence Confidence from below; authority from above. above. A British Cartoon about A British Cartoon about Napoleon’s Coup in 1799 Read More About the Revolution R ead More About the Revolution Bibliographic Resources B ibliographic Resources “Hist210—Europe in the Age of Revolutions.” “Liberty, Fraternity, Equality: Exploring the Liberty, French Revolution.” French Matthews, Andrew. Revolution and Reaction: Europe, 1789-1849. Cambridge Europe, University Press, 2001. “The Napoleonic Guide.” The http:// ...
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