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GeographyOfEurope - Ms Susan M Pojer Ms Horace Greeley HS...

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Unformatted text preview: Ms. Susan M. Pojer Ms. Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY Europe as a Queen Europe as a Queen Munster, 1588 Europe’s Latitude v. US Europe’s Latitude v. US Former Soviet Region Compared in Latitude & Area Former Soviet Region Compared in Latitude & Area with the United States Satellite View of Europe Satellite View of Europe 3,800 square miles 3,800 R E G I O N S Continents by Size (sq. km.) Continents by Size Asia 44,579,000 Africa 30,065,000 North America 24,256,000 24,256,000 South America South 17,819,000 Antarctica 13,209,000 Europe Europe 9,938,000 Oceania (incl. Oceania Australia) 7,687,000 Europe: A Peninsula of Europe: A Peninsula of Peninsulas? OR A Peninsula of Asia? Europe: An Asian Peninsula? Europe: Northern Peninsulas Northern Peninsulas Scandinavian Peninsula Jutland Peninsula Southern Peninsulas Southern Peninsulas Crimean Peninsula Iberian Peninsula Italian Peninsula Balkan Anatolean Peninsula Peninsula Pe n. in av ia n Sc an d P e n i n s u l a s Jutland Pen. Crimean Pen. Italian Pen. Balkan Pen. Iberian Pen. Anatolean Pen. Peloponnesian Pen. What’s What’s the answer ?? B o d i e s Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean of h glis En C Baltic Sea el nn ha Caspian Sea Bay of Biscay Ad Dardanelles Strait ria tic Strait of Gibraltar Tyrrhenian Sea a Se W a t e r North Sea Aegean Sea Mediterranean Sea Black Sea The Mediterranean Sea: Mare Nostrum The Mediterranean Sea: Strait of Gibraltar Strait & the “Pillars of the Hercules” Hercules” 2,400 miles long & 1,000 miles wide 2,400 “Crossroads of 3 Continents” Caesarea on the Caesarea Israeli coast Israeli R. . rR . e R Volga Ebro R. Ti be nu b D on R. er iep Dn R. Da Po R. Tagus R. . aR ul st . Vi rR de O be El R. R. R. Loire e in Rh Thames R. e in Se R i v e r s R . The Danube River The Danube River 1770 mile s The Danube River The Danube River Biking Biking Along the Danube Danube Where Buda & Pest Meet Pest Flows through the 12 countries of Germany, Austria, 12 Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Ukraine. The Volga River The Volga River The longest river in Europe --> 2,300 miles. The The Volga River The Volga River The river is so The polluted that the sturgeon catch has been decreased by 60%. Why are most of the Why are most of the capitals of Europe on major rivers?? Capitals on the Rivers (1) Capitals on the Rivers London on the Thames Paris, right bank of the Seine Prague on the Vltava Budapest on the Danube Capitals on the Rivers (2) Capitals on the Rivers Moscow on the Moscow River Berlin on the Spree Rome on the Tiber Vienna on the Danube What’s What’s the answer ?? Answer: Answer: They are Europe’s lifeline! l Ura M o u t a i n s Mts . Carp & P e a k s Py re Alps Mts. nn es M Ap en n Di na r ic A lp s ine sM Mt. Vesuvius ^ ts. Mt. Olympus ^ ts. Mt. Etna ^ athia n Mts . Caucasus Mts. Elevation Elevation Urals Caucasus Pyrennes Alps Carpathians Apennines The Alps The Alps C o ve r m o s t o f S witze rla nd , Aus tria , a nd p a rts o f Ita ly a nd Fra nc e . Mt. Blanc in the Alps Mt. Blanc in the Alps Hig h e s t m o unta in in th e Alp s : 1 5 ,7 7 1 fe e t H ig The Caucasus Mountains The Caucasus Mountains T h e o rig in o f th e wo rd C a uc a s ia n . Transylvania in the Carpathian Mountains Transylvania Ho m e o f Vla d T e p e š , th e Ho Drakul (“C o u nt Dra c u la ”) 15 00 mi le s Ural Mountains: “The Great Divide” Ural Mountains: “The Great Divide” Divid e s th e Euro p e a n a nd As ia n s e c tio ns o f R us s ia . Divid The Ural Mountains The Ural Mountains wlands berian Lo Si P l a i n s rn E orthe N ean urop Plain pe Step s The BENELUX Countries The BENELUX Countries * Belgium * Netherlands * Luxembourg Holland’s Dikes Holland’s Dikes Amsterdam’s Canals Amsterdam’s Canals The Netherlands: The Netherlands: The “Dagger” Pointing at the Heart of Britain! P l a t e a u s Meseta Pe n. in av ia n . Sc an d Mts athia R. n Mts . Carp R. er iep Dn R. R. C lish g En Loire R. Bay of rop rn Eu e North D on lain ean P . aR ul st . Vi rR de O el nn ha be El Thames R. Baltic Sea R Volga Jutland North Pen. Sea e in Rh R . pe Step s Caspian Caucasus Mts. Sea Crimean Pen. . Da nu Alps Mts. P Biscay y Di be re na Po R. nn ric R. es Italian Pen. Black Ap Al Balkan Pen. Tagus R. Mt Ti en ps Sea s. Dardanelles be nin r R es Strait Iberian Pen. Mt . Mt. Vesuvius ^ s. Ebro R. Anatolean Pen. Mt. TyrrhenianOlympus ^ Aegean Strait of Sea Sea Gibraltar Mt. Etna ^ Peloponnesian Pen. Ad ria tic a Se M a p wlands berian Lo Si l Ura Atlantic Ocean e in Se C o m p l e t e d Arctic Ocean 10,000 BCE – Ice Age 10,000 BCE – Ice Age Norwegian Fjords Norwegian Glaciers Glaciers cut deep valleys in the ocean during the Ice Age. Earthquake Zones Earthquake Zones Reykjavik, Iceland: Reykjavik, Iceland: “The Youngest Oldest Country” Volcanoes Volcanoes Hot Springs Hot Geysers Geysers Mediterranean Islands Mediterranean Islands G e ne ra lly rug g e d & m o unta ino us . Me d ite rra ne a n Me S e a s o p o llute d (will ta ke 1 0 0 0 ye a rs to c le a n up ) . Sardinia Cyprus Malta Mt. Etna, Sicily Mt. Etna, Sicily An active An volcano Mt. Vesuvius, Italy Mt. Vesuvius, Italy Pompeii, 79 CE 1944 eruption 1944 Herculaneum, 79 CE Herculaneum, Eastern Europe Eastern Europe Russia’s 10 Time Zones Russia’s Siberia ­­> Permafrost Siberia ­­> Permafrost Average temperatures of January vary from 0 to -50°C, and in July from 1 to 25°C A former “gulag” former Soviet prison camp. 150,000,000 population. 150,000,000 Lake Baikal, Siberia Lake Baikal, Siberia The oldest and deepest The oldest and deepest lake in the world. 20% of the world’s total unfrozen water supply. Trans­Siberian Railroad Trans­Siberian Railroad Completed in 1905. Completed in 1905. Trans­Siberian Railroad Trans­Siberian Railroad The main line runs 5,785 miles. Europe’s Latitude v. US Europe’s Latitude v. US Climate Climate Average Annual Precipitation Average Annual Precipitation Europe’s Natural Regions Europe’s Natural Regions The North European Plain The North European Plain The Northern European Plain ­­> An Invasion The Northern European Plain ­­> An Invasion Route into Asia (& Vice Versa?) Steppes: “Soviet” Breadbasket Steppes The Steppes The Steppes 25% of the old Soviet Union’s food supply. Major Regional Divisions of the Former Major Regional Divisions of the Former U. S. S. R. Chernozen Soil Germany’s Black Forest Germany’s Black Forest Germany’s Black Forest Germany’s Black Forest Tundra: The Not­So­Barren Land Tundra: The Not­So­Barren Land Below the Arctic Circle L a n d U s e Agricultural Activity Agricultural Activity R E S O U R C E S Major Major Industrial Resources Oil Export Routes in the Caucasus Area Oil Export Routes in the Caucasus Area Major Major Environmental Disasters & Pollution Problems Acid Rain Acid Rain World Population by Continents World Population by Continents Asia 3,737,000,000 Africa 823,000,000 Europe 729,000,000 729,000,000 North America North 486,000,000 South America 351,000,000 351,000,000 Oceania (incl. Australia) 31,000,000 Antarctica Antarctica no permanent no population Population Density Population Density [People Per Square Mile] Belgium 336.82 Mexico 52.15 Japan 336.72 United United States States 29.77 India 336.62 World 14.42 United United Kingdom Kingdom 244.69 Norway 14.42 Italy 192.96 Canada 3.36 France 108.09 Russia 8.61 Population Population Distribution Population Population Growth Members of the Indo­European Language Members of the Indo­European Language Family Major Major Religious Groups in Europe ...
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