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Unformatted text preview: La Belle É poque [1871­1914] “ The Beautiful Era” or the Fin de Si è cle Ms. Susan M. Pojer Ms. Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY Characteristics of La Belle É poque C haracteristics of La Belle 1. Materialism Higher standard of living Development “zones” • Inner Zone Br, Fr, Ger, Belg, No. It,W. Austria No. • Outer Zone Ire., Iberian Pen., most of Italy, Europe east most of Ger. • Underdeveloped Zone AfroAsia Characteristics of La Belle É poque 2. Increased European Population 2. 3. Growth of Cities & Urban Life 4. Migration from Europe 1850-1940 60 million left Europe 1850-1940 Went to US, Argentina, Brazil, Went Canada, Australia/N. Zeal. 5. “Second” Industrial Revolution Steam electricity Steam Internal combustion & diesel engines. Cars, planes, submarines. Characteristics of La Belle É poque 5. “Second” Industrial Revolution Second” Britain “The World’s Industrial Workshop” Corporations limited liability of Corporations investments. Mass production. 5. Free Trade [esp. in England] 6. World Markets [Global Economy, Part II] 7. Advance of Democracy Extension of the vote to the working Extension class. class. Creating a “welfare state.” Characteristics of La Belle É poque 9. 9. The Appeal of Socialism By the 1880s, most socialist parties By were Marxist [esp. Ger. & Fr.] were Not very successful in England. 9. Faith in Science Alone Science at the core of Science industrialization. industrialization. “New Wonders” of daily life. Charles Darwin • Origin of Species [1859] • “survival of the fittest” Characteristics of La Belle É poque 10. Faith in Science Alone [con’t.] 10. “Social Darwinism” Herbert Social Spenser Spenser Eugenics Newtonian Science turned on its head Einstein • Einstein “Theory of Relativity” nature & energy were separate & distinct. Max • Max Planck Quantum Physics Characteristics of La Belle É poque 10. Faith in Science Alone [con’t.] 10. Professionalization of “new” sciences Professionalization [anthropology, archeaology,etc.] [anthropology, • Psychology Ivan Pavlov conditioned Ivan responses responses Sigmund Freud psychoanalysis Sigmund o The Interpretation of Dreams [1900] [1900] o The role of the unconscious The [the id, ego, super ego]. [the Characteristics of La Belle É poque 11. New Trends in Philosophy 11. Agnosticism Nihilism •Friedrich Nietzsche Übermensch “Super Man” Irrationalism Existentialism Sören •Sören Kierkegaard existence proceeds essence proceeds 11. Internal Religious Struggles modernists vs. fundamentalists Characteristics of La Belle É poque 13. Anti-Semitism 13. Dreyfus Affair Theodore Herzl Der Judenstaat Theodore Der [The Jewish State], 1896 • “Father of Modern Zionism” 14. Women’s Movement Emmeline Pankhurst 14. The “New” Imperialism 15. Militarism glorification of war Militarism ...
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