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Unformatted text preview: By: Ms. Susan M. Pojer By: Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY The “Little Ice Age”: The 1350-1700 Medieval “Warm Period” In th e 1 7 c , Eu ro p e re lie d o n a ve ry ine ffic ie n t a g ric ultu ra l s ys te m to fe e d its p o p u la tio n . 17c European European Agrarianism Feudal Common Field System Feudal Yield Ratio for Grain Crops Yield (1400-1800) Grain Supplies in 16c Europe Grain Cereal Crops in 18c Europe Cereal Small Town “Farmer’s Markets” Small The Village School (17c) The Country People Playing a Ball Game Country A Lace Maker Lace Supplemental Income Cottage Industries: “Putting-Out” System “Putting-Out” System The “Putting-Out” System The Advantages of the Putting-Out System Advantages 1. P e a s a nts c o uld s u p p le m e n t th e ir a g ric ultura l inc o m e s . Take advantage of winter months when farming was impossible. 1. Merchants could avoid the higher wages and often demanding regulations of urban labor. Easier to reduce the number of workers when the economy was bad. 1. Merchants could acquire capital, which would later play a part in funding industrialization itself. Peasants acquired future skills. 1. Young people could start separate households earlier, thus contributing to population growth. Disadvantage of the Putting-Out System?? Disadvantage When demand rose [which it did in the 18c] this system proved inefficient. Merchant­capitalists found it difficult to induce peasant­workers to increase their output. This dilemma eventually led to the factory system All the workers were concentrated in one place under the supervision of a manager. Water or steam power could easily be applied there. “Apprentices at Their Looms” William Hogarth, 1687 Population Density: 18c Europe Population 18c 18c Population Growth Rate European Urbanization: 1500-1800 European Industry & Population: 18c Europe Industry “Gin Lane” William William Hogarth Hogarth 1751 “Beer Beer Street” Street” William William Hogarth Hogarth 1751 Emancipation of the Peasantry to 1812 Emancipation “Enclosed” Fields British Raw Materials British 18c British Port 18c The Growth of England’s The Foreign Trade in the 18c 18c English “Nouveau Riche”: 18c The Capitalist Entrepreneur The Capitalist ...
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