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Unformatted text preview: Ms. Susan M. Pojer Ms. Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY Russia Today Russia Former Soviet Region Compared in Latitude & Area with the United States States Russia’s Time Zones Russia’s Topography of Russia Topography Rich Soil of the Steppes Rich Chernozen Soil Siberia “Permafrost” A fo rm e r “gulag” A fo Soviet prison camp. Ave ra g e te m p e ra ture s o f Ja nua ry A ve va ry fro m 0 to ­5 0 °C , a nd in Ju ly fro m 1 to 2 5 °C 1 5 0 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 p o p ula tio n. Themes in Russian History in Expansion by conquest. Need for warm-water ports. The necessity of a strong, The central government. central Early Russia Early Early Byzantine Influences: Early Orthodox Christianity Early Byzantine Influences: Early Orthodox Christianity Early Byzantine Influences: Early Cyrillic Alphabet Novgorod Novgorod Russian Boyars Boyars Russian Expansion Russian Alexander Nevsky: 1220-1263 Alexander Battle on the Ice (Neva River) (Neva Against the Swedes Against Teutonic Knight The Mongols Invade Russia The Ivan the Great (r. 1462-1505) (r. Ivan III Tearing the Great Khan’s Letter Requesting More Ivan Tribute in 1480. Tribute Russia in the Late 1500s Russia Michael Romanov (r. 1613-1645) (r. Romanov Dynasty Romanov (1613-1917) Romanov Family Crest The Pendulum of Russian History of Pro-West For Progress & Change Encourage New Ideas, Technologies, etc. Anti-West Isolationist Xenophobic Ultra-Conservative A few Tsars Most Tsars Intellectual elites Russian Orthodox Church Merchants/businessmen Military Young members of the middle class. Boyars REFORM-MINDED LEADER peasants DEMAGOGUE Peter the Great (r. 1682-1725) Russia & Sweden After the Great Northern War Northern ...
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