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Unformatted text preview: King Henry VII King Margaret Tudor [to Scotland], Henry VIII’s Sister Sister Arthur, Prince of Wales Wales [1500] Young Young Henry VIII Henry Young Catherine of Aragon Aragon Henry VIII [r. 1509Henry 1547] Stained Glass Window of Catherine of Aragon of Mary I [28 years old] Mary Henry VIII’s CHildren Henry 1510 Daughter - died 1511 Son - died 1513 Son - died 1514 Son - died 1516 Mary - survived 1516 survived 1518 Daughter - died 1533 Elizabeth - survived 1533 survived 1534 Son - died 1535 unknown - died 1536 Son - died 1537 Edward - survived survived Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond: Richmond: Illegitimate Son of Henry Illegitimate VIII VIII Archbishop Thomas Cranmer Cranmer #1--Catherine of Aragon [1485#1--Catherine 1536] Henry VIII Henry #2--Anne Boleyn [1501[15011536] Anne Boleyn Miniature Anne Queen Elizabeth I [1546] Queen Tower of London Tower from the Air Tower of London: Tower The Bloody Tower Tower of London: Tower Traitor’s Gate Tower Green Tower [Where Anne Boleyn was [Where Executed] Executed] #3--Jane Seymour [1508[15081537] “Baby” Edward VU Henry VIII’s Family Family Henry VIII Medallion: Head of the Church of England England Sir Thomas More, Sir Lord Chancellor of Lord England England Henry VIII Henry Thomas Cromwell Thomas #4--Anne of Cleves [1515[15151557] Anne of Cleves Cleves Anne of Cleves Miniature Miniature Henry VIII at Middle Age Age #5--Katherine Howard [1525[15251542] Katherine Howard Howard Hampton Court Hampton [Where Katherine Howard [Where Was Arrested] Was #6--Katherine Parr [1512[15121548] “Prayers and Meditations” Prayers authored by Katherine Parr authored Katherine Parr Parr Henry’s Deathbed Henry’s Edward VU Edward Edward VU [r. 1547-1553] Edward Lady Jane Grey Grey “Ruled” Ruled” England from July 10–19, 1553 1553 Queen Mary I or “Bloody Mary” Mary” [r. 1553 – 1558] Philip II & Mary Tudor Tudor Sir Francis Walshingham Walshingham Elizabeth I, I, Queen at last! at r. 1558 - 1603 Sir William Cecil Sir Queen Elizabeth I [1533[15331603] Sir Robert Dudley Sir Miniature of Sir Robert Dudley Dudley Elizabeth I [1572] Elizabeth Elizabeth I [1572] Elizabeth Elizabeth I [1572] Elizabeth Elizabeth I [1572] Elizabeth Elizabeth I [1580] Elizabeth Elizabeth I [1592] Elizabeth Elizabeth I [1592] Elizabeth Elizabeth I [1600] Elizabeth Elizabeth I [1603] Elizabeth Map of the Spanish Armada Route Route Mary of Scotland’s Mary P James V of arents of Guise Mary James Parentsary M Scotland Scotland Young Mary Stuart Young Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, Lord Darnley Lord The Earl of Bothwell The Mary Stuart in Captivity Captivity Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, [Before Her Execution] Execution of Mary of Scotland Scotland Miniature of James I / VI Miniature James I [r. 1603 1625] 1625] ...
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