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Unformatted text preview: Ms . S us an M. Po je r Ms Ho rac e Gre e le y HS Chappaqua, Ho NY NY Cultural Natio nalis m Cultural Education The “Virtuous Citizen” An American form of English Noah Webster Cultural Natio nalis m Cultural A well-defined American literature Washington Irving The Sketch Book, 1819-20 “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” Cultural Natio nalis m Cultural Religious Movements: Deism Second “Great Awakening” 2004 Ele c tio n He adline s 2 004 Outreach effort and moral values theme pays off for Bush with Hispanics -- Nov. 3, 2004 [FOX News] Election Reinforces USA’s Religious Schism -- Nov. 4, 2004 [USA Today] 'It's a Victory for People Like Us' Bush Emphasis on Values Drew Ohio Evangelicals -- Nov. 5, 2004 [Washington Post] 2004 Ele c tio n Po ll Data 2 004 Which One Issue Mattered Most in Deciding How You Voted for President? (Check only one) Kerry Bush Nader Taxes 43% 57% 0% Education 73% 26% -- Iraq 73% 26% 0% Terrorism 14% 86% 0% Economy/Jobs 80% 18% 0% Moral Values 18% 80% 1% Health Care 77% 23% -- Percentage of Electorate: 5 Percentage of Electorate: 4 Percentage of Electorate: 15 Percentage of Electorate: 19 Percentage of Electorate: 20 Percentage of Electorate: 22 Percentage of Electorate: 8 2004 Ele c tio n Po ll Data 2 004 Attend Religious Attend Services Services More Than Once a Week Percentage of Electorate: 16 Once a Week Percentage of Electorate: 26 A Few Times a Month Percentage of Electorate: 14 A Few Times a Year Percentage of Electorate: 28 Never Percentage of Electorate: 15 Kerry Bush Nader 35% 64% 1% 41% 58% 0% 49% 50% -- 54% 45% 0% 62% 36% 1% The S e c o nd “Gre at Awake ning :” Awake Re vivalis t Me e ting Charle s G. Finne y Charle “soul-shaking” The ranges of tents, the fires, reflecting light…; the candles and lamps illuminating the encampment; hundreds moving to and fro…;the preaching, praying, singing, and shouting, … like the sound of many waters, was enough to swallow up all the powers of contemplation. The “Be ne vo le nt Empire ” Empire “Burne d-Ove r” Dis tric t in Ups tate Ne w Yo rk Ame ric an Bible S o c ie ty Ame Fo unde d in 1816 Ec o no mic Natio nalis m Ec Encourage Creativity & Inventiveness. Create a Transportation Infrastructure. Create a Pro-Business Atmosphere. Jefferson’s Vision Jefferson’s Vision of America of America Role of Govt. Hamilton’s Vision Hamilton’s Vision of America of America Eli Whitne y’s Co tto n Gin, 1791 1 791 Actually invented Actually by a slave! by Whitne y’s Gun Fac to ry Whitne Interchangeable Parts Rifle Firs t Turnpike Firs Lanc as te r, PA (1790) (1790) By 1832, nearly 2400 mi. of road connected By most major cities. most Cumbe rland Cumbe “Natio nal Ro ad,” 1811 Co ne s to g a Co ve re d Wag o ns Wag Conestoga Trail, 1820s Yanke e Clippe r S hips Yanke Ro be rt Fulto n & the S te ambo at The Clermont Erie Canal S ys te m Erie The Erie Canal, 1820s The ...
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