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Unformatted text preview: The “Era of Good Feelings”? (1816 -1824) Susan M. Pojer Susan Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY Essential Question: Essential What were the major What characteristics of the ”Era of Era Good Feeling? ” Good The Election of 1816 The [The Demise of the Federalist Party!] James Monroe [1816-1824] James John Quincy Adams: John A bulldog among spaniels! The Convention of 1818 The The West & the NW: 1819-1824 1819-1824 Adams-Onis Treaty, 1819 Adams-Onis [“The Transcontinental Treaty”] US Population Density US 1810 1820 The American System The Tariff of 1816 Chartering of the Second Bank of the United States [BUS]. Henry Clay, Henry “The Great Compromiser” Internal improvements at federal expense. - National Road The American System: The The National [Cumberland] Road The Erie Canal The E 1817 – 1825. E 363 miles Albany to Buffalo. E Much further than any other American or European canal. The American System The WEST got roads, canals, and WEST federal aide. EAST got the backing of EAST protective tariffs from the West. SOUTH ?? SOUTH ?? The Panic of 1819 The CAUSES??? CAUSES??? The Election of 1820 The The Compromise of 1820: The A Firebell in the Night! The Tallmadge Amendment The All slaves born in Missouri after the territory became a state would be freed at the age of 25. Passed by the House, not in the Senate. The North controlled the House, and the South had enough power to block it in the Senate. The Monroe Doctrine, 1823 The Referred to as “America’s Self-Defense Doctrine” 1. What foreign policy principles are established? 2. What warning is given to the European countries? Monroe Doctrine 3. What would the US do if the warning was not headed? The Election of 1824: The The “Corrupt Bargain” The Election of 1824: The The “Corrupt Bargain” Popular Vote Electoral Vote Andrew Jackson 43% 99 J.Q. Adams 31% 32 William Crawford 13% 41 Henry Clay 13% 37 Candidate ...
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