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Unformatted text preview: By: Susan M. Pojer By: Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY Charac te ris tic s o f Urbanizatio n Urbanizatio Megalopolis. During the Gilde d Ag e 1. 2. Mass Transit. 3. Magnet for economic and social Magnet opportunities. opportunities. 4. Pronounced class distinctions. - Inner & outer core 5. New frontier of opportunity for women. 6. Squalid living conditions for many. 7. Political machines. 8. Ethnic neighborhoods. New New Architectural Style New Symbols of Change & Progress Make a New Start New Use of Space New Class Diversity New Energy The City as a New “Frontier?” New Levels of Crime, Violence, & Corruption New Culture (“Melting Pot”) New Form of Classic “Rugged Individualism” William Le Baro n Je nne y Je 1832 – 1907 “Father of Father the Modern the Skyscraper” W. Le B aro n J e nne y: Ce ntral Ce Y.M.C.A., Y.M.C.A., Chic ag o , 1891 1 891 Lo uis S ullivan Lo 1856 – 1924 The Chicago School of Architecture Form follows function! Lo uis S ullivan: B ayard B ldg ., NYC, 1 897 Lo uis S ullivan: Cars o n, Pirie , S c o tt De pt. S to re , Chic ag o , 1899 De D. H. Burnham 1846 – 1912 Use of steel as a super structure. DH Burnham: Fis he r [Apt.] Bldg , Chic ag o , 1896 1 896 D. H. Burnham: Mars hall Fie lds De pt. S to re , 1902 1 902 DH Burnham: Railway Exc hang e , Chic ag o , 1904 1 904 Frank Llo yd Wrig ht Frank 1869 – 1959 “Prairie House” School of School Architecture Architecture “Organic Architecture” Function Function follows form! follows Frank Llo yd Wrig ht: Frank Alle n-Lamb Ho us e , 1915 Frank Llo yd Wrig ht: Frank Ho llyho c k Ho us e [Lo s Ang e le s ], Ho 1917 1 917 Frank Llo yd Wrig ht: Frank “Falling Wate rs ”, 1936 Inte rio r o f “Falling Wate rs ” Inte F. L. Wrig ht Furniture F. F. L. Wrig ht Glas s S c re e ns F. Prairie wheat patterns. Frank Llo yd Wrig ht: Frank S us an Lawre nc e Dana Ho us e , S pring fie ld, IL - 1902 Frank Llo yd Wrig ht: Frank J o hns o n Wax Bldg . – Rac ine , Jo WI, 1936 WI, Frank Llo yd Wrig ht: Frank Gug g e nhe im Mus e um, NYC Gug 1959 1 959 Ne w Yo rk City Arc hite c tural S tyle : 1870s -1910s 1. The style was less innovative than in Chicago. 2. NYC was the source of the capital for NYC Chicago. Chicago. 3. Most major business firms had their Most headquarters in NYC their bldgs. became “logos” for their companies. became 4. NYC buildings and skyscrapers were NYC taller than in Chicago. taller We s te rn Unio n B ldg ,. NYC 1875 1 875 Manhatt Manhatt an Life Ins uranc e Bldg . B ldg S ing e r B uilding Building NYC 1902 1 902 Wo o lwo r Wo th th Bldg . B ldg NYC NYC 1911 1 911 Flatiro n Flatiro B uilding Building NYC – 1902 1 902 D. H. D. Burnham B urnham Grand Ce ntral S tatio n, 1913 1 913 Jo hn A. Ro e bling : Jo The Bro o klyn Bridg e , 1883 Jo hn A. Ro e bling : Jo The Bro o klyn Bridg e , 1913 S tatue o f Libe rty, 1876 (Fre de ric Aug us te Bartho ldi) “Dumbe ll “ Dumbe Te ne me nt Te “Dumbe ll “ Te ne me nt, Dumbe NYC NYC J ac o b Riis : Ho w the Othe r Half Live d Half (1890) Te ne me nt S lum Living Te Lo dg e rs Huddle d To g e the r To Te ne me nt S lum Living Te S trug g ling Immig rant Familie s Familie Mulbe rry S tre e t – “Little Italy” Italy” S t. Patric k’s Cathe dral Cathe He s te r S tre e t – Je wis h S e c tio n 1900 1 900 Ro s h Has hanah Gre e ting Card Pe ll S t. - Chinato wn, NYC Pe Urban Gro wth: 1870 1900 1 900 ...
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