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RoadToRevolution - Tar and Feathering The Boston Massacre...

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Unformatted text preview: Tar and Feathering The Boston Massacre ( March 5,1770 ) The Gaspee Incident The (1772) Providence, RI coast Committees of Correspondence of Purpose warn neighboring colonies colonies about incidents with Br. broaden the resistance movement. Tea Act (1773) ( 1773) 8 British East India Co.: Monopoly on Br. tea Monopoly imports. imports. Many members of Many Parl. held shares. Parl. Permitted the Co. to Permitted sell tea directly to cols. without col. middlemen (cheaper tea!) (cheaper 8 North expected the North cols. to eagerly choose the cheaper tea. the Boston Tea Party (1773) ( 1773) The Coercive or Intolerable Intolerable Acts 1. 1774) Acts (1774)Bill ( Port 2. Government Act 3. New Quartering Act Lord North 4. Administration of Justice Act The Quebec Act (1774) ( 1774) First Continental Congress (1774) ( 1774) 55 delegates from 12 colonies Agenda How to respond to the Coercive Acts & the Quebec Act? the 1 vote per colony vote represented. represented. The British Are Coming . . . . Paul Revere & William Dawes make their William midnight ride to warn the Minutemen of Minutemen approaching British soldiers. approaching The Shot Heard ’ Round the Round World! World Lexington & Concord – April 18,1775 Concord The Second Continental Congress Congress (1775) Olive Branch Petition Thomas Paine: Common Thomas Sense Sense Declaration of Independence (1776) ( 1776) Declaration of Independence Independence Independence Hall Independence New National Symbols Symbols ...
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