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01-prok-transcription_1a (1)

01-prok-transcription_1a (1) - Gene expression is...

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Gene expression is controlled at many levels in prokaryotes Internalization or exclusion of inducers Regulation of transcription initiation Regulation of transcription elongation and termination Regulation of mRNA stability or processing of primary transcripts Regulatlion of translation Regulation of protein activity and stability Regulation of protein secretion or localization Signals Signals Signals Signals Signals Signals
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Transcription and its control in prokaryotes 1. The DNA substrate A. Packaging and availability of the DNA B. Number and arrangement of the genes. C. Transcription control sequences. 1. Promoters 2. Sites for activators and repressors. 3. Sites for the regulation of DNA topology. 4. Sites for the termination of transcription. 2. The General Transcription apparatus. A. RNA Polymerase core enzyme. B. RNA Polymerase holoenzymes. C. NusA, GreA, GreB 3. The process of transcription initiation. A. Identifiable kinetic intermediates B. Biochemical characterization of the process.
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01-prok-transcription_1a (1) - Gene expression is...

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