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Disorders of Water and Sodium Balance Osmolality ECF Volume                                                                       [Na + ] (hypo/hypernatremia) Na + amount H 2 O intake/output Na + intake/output Regulated by: Regulated by: Osmoreceptors Kidney excretion of Na + ADH, Thirst, Kidney Function RAAS, ANP, etc Disorder of H 2 O balance: Disorder of Na + balance : Hyponatremia: renal H 2 O excretion Volume overload: Na + Hypernatremia: thirst Volume depletion: Na + Mechanisms that control H
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Unformatted text preview: 2 O I&O Mechanisms that control Na + regulate [Na + ] & osmolality. I & O regulate ECF volume. Clinical Relevance: Clinical Relevance: Patient w/ hypo or hypernatremia. Patient w/ or ECF ↓ ↑ volume How might water control mechanisms How might sodium control be impaired? mechanisms be impaired? There are presentations with abnormal osmolality and ECF volume when both mechanisms are impaired, eg. hypovolemic hyponatremia. These are caused by impairment of both water and sodium control mechanisms....
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