Immune_Response_to_Microbes - b.i.1. Humoral b.i.1.a....

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Immune Response to Microbes 1. Bacterial infection a. Extracellular a.i. Innate a.i.1. Complement activation a.i.2. Phagocytosis a.i.3. Inflammation a.ii. Adaptive a.ii.1. Humoral a.ii.1.a.Antibodies a.ii.1.a.i. Neutralization a.ii.1.a.ii. Opsonization a.ii.1.a.iii. Phagocytosis a.ii.1.a.iv. Complement activation via Classic pathway b. Intracellular b.i. Innate b.i.1. Phagocytosis b.i.1.a. Neutrophils 1 st b.i.1.b. Macrophages b.i.2. NK cells b.ii. Adaptive b.ii.1. Cell mediated b.ii.1.a. CD4 + T H 1 response b.ii.1.b. T cell activation via IFN-γ of macrophages b.ii.1.c. Cytotoxic T-lymphs 2. Viral Infection a. Innate a.i. IFN type 1 (IFN-α, IFN-β) a.ii. NK cell b. Adaptive b.i. Extracellular
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Unformatted text preview: b.i.1. Humoral b.i.1.a. Antibodies b.ii. Intracellular b.ii.1. Cell mediated b.ii.1.a. CD4 + T H 1 response b.ii.1.b. CD8 + cytotoxic T-lymphs 3. Fungal infection a. Innate a.i. Neutrophils a.ii. Macrophages b. Adpative b.i. Cell mediated 4. Parasitic infection a. Innate Immunity a.i. Phagocytosis a.ii. Alternate pathway of complement b. Adaptive Immunity b.i. Protozoa in macrophages b.i.1. Cell mediated immunity b.i.1.a. T H 1 activation of macrophages b.i.2. Lyse cells b.i.2.a. Antibody & cytotoxic T lymphs b.ii. Helminths b.ii.1. T H 2 w/ I g E and Eosinophils...
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Immune_Response_to_Microbes - b.i.1. Humoral b.i.1.a....

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