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When to stop asking Birth History- Taken from Pediatric History Powerpoint (ICE) Gina Jackson Particularly important during the 1st 2 years of life I found one form online from a clinic that includes birth history for pediatric up to 12 years Also important in assessing patients with neurological and developmental problem I looked all through MD consult, Mosby's, our peds book, and online and that's all I could find. I think it's mostly up to your discretion Stuff to Include Prenatal Maternal health before and during pregnancy Nutrition and weight gain Specific illnesses related to or complicated by pregnancy Drugs taken during pregnancy Includes OTC, prescription AND illicit drug use Radiation exposure
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Unformatted text preview: ● Duration of pregnancy ● Parental attitudes concerning both pregnancy and parenthood, as well as this child in particular ● Natal ● Labor and Delivery ■ Spontaneous or induced ■ Vaginal or Cesarean ■ Duration of labor ■ Difficulty of labor (forceps?) ■ Analgesia ■ Complications ● Condition of infant: onset of respirations, resuscitation ● Apgar Scores ● EGA ● Birth Order ● Birth Weight ● Neonatal ● Patterns of or problems with breat/bottle feeding ● Patterns of crying and sleeping ● Patters of urination and defecation ● Congenital Anomalies ● Infection ● Resp. distress, cyanosis, jaundice, bleeding, confulsions, illnesses ● Mother's health postpartum, including reation to baby and nature of bonding...
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BirthHistory-whentoask_GJ - ● Duration of pregnancy ●...

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