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DRUG name (generic and common):   Ceftin  (Cefuroxime axetil)  note: Cefuroxime sodium is for injection CLASS 2nd generation Cephalosporin DESCRIPTION  (basic summary) Structure-- has a  b -lactum ring with up to 3 attached groups--  allows for great variability.  Cephalosporins   are   more   resistant   to    b -lactamases   than  penicillins.  MECHANISM OF  ACTION Inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis gram pos cell wall thicker than gram neg cell wall EFFECTIVE  AGAINST  (PATHOGENS) Ceftin Strep   pneumonia,   Strep   pyogenes,   Haemophilus   influenzae,   Klebsiella   species,   Staph   aureus,   E   coli,   Enterobacter,   and   Niesseria gonorrhoeae.  1st generation- gram pos cocci some gram neg bacilli E. coli, Klebsiella pneumonia,  following generations- incraased activity against gram neg  bacilli and decreased activity against gram pos cocci Hemophilus influenzae 3rd generation- 
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Cephalosporin_GJ[1] -...

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