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Learning Issue: Complications of Strept Throat Name: Rachel Chacko Suppurative Complications Common Peritonsilar celluitis Peritonsilar abscess Usually require drainage of abscess fluid collection Diagnosed by unilateral edema on the palate and medial bulging of the tonsil with a convex medial displacement on the palate on the side of abscess Both require systemic treatment Rare/Severe (portal of infection entry is often through the skin after varicella infection of trauma) Bacteremia Toxic shock syndrome Necrotizing fascilitis Those with the greatest risk for severe complications are children with chickenpox, immunosupressed patients, including patients undergoing steroid treatments or chemotherapy; burning victims, elderly people with cellulitis, diabetes, blood vessel disease, or cancer; and intravenous drug users Nonsuppurative Complications Acute Rheumatic Fever Rare Develops few weeks to 1 month after strep infection and is caused by a response
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ComplicationsofStreptThroat_RC - Learning Issue...

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