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Learning Issue: Types of Ear Infections Name: Nicole Wood Definition Etiology acute sinusitis is usually preceded by a viral upper respiratory tract infection or an allergic response Nasal congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa leads to obstruction of mucociliary clearance of the sinus outflow tracts, causing mucus collection in the paranasal sinuses and bacterial overgrowth Symptoms and signs of acute sinusitis include nasal congestion, a purulent nasal discharge, headache, facial pain, and tenderness and swelling over the affected sinuses Chronic and/or recurrent sinusitis may be due to an underlying allergic or immunologic response or to a structural abnormality, and it therefore requires further evaluation and/or referral to a specialist Rare complications of acute sinusitis include orbital cellulitis , brain abscess , osteomyelitis , and meningitis Symptoms Nasal congestion Purulent nasal secretion (bacterial) Serous nasal secretion (viral) Facial 'pressure' pain Headache Maxillary toothache Persistent cough (usually with a more severe nocturnal component) Postnasal drip Poor response to decongestants In children, increased irritability and vomiting may be present as a result of gagging on mucus and a prolonged cough Both in adults and in children, less frequent symptoms include fever, nausea, malaise, fatigue, halitosis, and sore throat (fever is more common in children than in adults)
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examplelearningissue.docx - Learning Issue: Types of Ear...

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