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Learning Issue: Asperger’s Disorder Name: Rachel Chacko Definition Impairment and oddity of social interaction and restricted interest and behavior reminiscent of those seen in autistic disorder Unlike Autism, those with Asperger’s show no significant delays in language, cognitive development or age-appropriate self-help skills Etiology Cause is unknown Possible relationship to Autism Both disorders supports the presence of genetic, metabolic, infectious and perinatal contributing factors Symptoms Have at least two of the following indications of qualitative social impairment: markedly abnormal communicative gestures, the failure to develop peer relationships, the lack of social/emotional reciprocity and an impaired ability to express pleasure in another’s happiness Restricted interests and patterns of behavior According to DSM-IV-TR, patient shows no language delay, clinically significant cognitive delay or adaptive impairment Physical Exam/Signs N/A
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