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Learning Issue: When to refer Name: Michael Holmes Issues and Roles as a Physician Assistant in Primary Care Referring is an important activity in primary care, but is poorly understood. The referral may help bring an episode of car to a conclusion, such as a referral to an ear surgeon to place tubes in a tympanic membrane for chronic recurrent otitis media. It can also represent an alternative to treatment, such as referral to physical therapy for acute shoulder tendinitis when the patient declines a shoulder injection. However, not all insurance companies want their providers to liberally refer, and not all specialists openly welcome referrals from PAs. Clearly the interactions between specialist, physicians and primary care
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Unformatted text preview: providers can result in improved patient outcomes. Subspets and primary care physicians have complementary roles to play in this form of chronic disease management. One examination found that the outcome of postmyocardial infarction care was better for patients for whom both primary care physicians and subspet provided care than for patients seen by the spets or primary care physicians alone. Whether or not interaction between primary care PAs and specialty physicians would result in in similar beneficial outcomes is not known and requires further investigation. 1. Sources: Hooker RS, Cawley JF, Asprey DP. Physician Assistans Policy and Practice. 3rd ed: Philidelphia, PA; 2010: 189-190....
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