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Learning issue: What does a low brachioradialis reflex mean? Student: Michael Holmes Grades Deep tendon reflex response 0 No response 1+ Sluggish or diminished 2+ Active or expected response 3+ More brisk than expected, slightly hyperactive 4+ Brisk hyperactive, with intermittent or transient clonus Absent reflexes may indicate neuropathy or lower motor neuron disorder, whereas hyperactive reflexes suggest upper motor neuron disorder. Brachioradial reflex o Radial nerve (C5, * C6* , C7) The deep tendon reflexes—or, more properly, muscle stretch reflexes, because the reflex occurs after a muscle is stretched (most commonly by tapping its distal tendon)—are helpful in the evaluation of patients who present with limb symptoms that are suggestive of a radiculopathy. The examiner must position the limb properly when obtaining these reflexes, and the patient needs to be as relaxed as possible. Any grade of reflex can be
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Unformatted text preview: normal, so asymmetry of the reflexes is most helpful finding. • In relation to our patient, Donna had a brachioradialis reflex of 1+ bilaterally, and the rest of the DTR where 2+ bilaterally. Although Donna may have cervical radiculopathy here findings can be considered normal. Her reflexes were symmetric bilateral for the brachioradilais, and the rest of the DTR were active or expected findings. • Sources: o Siedel HM, Ball JW, Dins JE, Flynn JA, Solmon BS, Stewart, RW. Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination . 7th ed.: Mosby, Inc.; 2011: 728. o Moore KL, Dalley AF, Agur AMR. Clinically Oriented Anatomy . 6th ed.: Lipponcott Williams & Wilikins, a Wolters Kluwer buisness; 2010: 751. o
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